Microblading Services

Pilorum Salon and Spa is a permanent make-up clinic & eyebrow bar that offers microblading services including ombre brows, powder brows and combo brows.


Microblading is a process in which hand-drawn hair strokes are meticulously imbedded into the epidermal layer (the outermost layer of skin) of the eyebrow skin using a hand tool and pigment.

For Microblading, the hand tool is dipped into pigment and then delicately applied to the skin as individual hair strokes.

Microblading mimics realistic hair-like strokes, which are designed to flow like a natural eyebrow.

The Microblading technique works well for clients who want to fill in gaps in the brow line or create brows where hair has been lost.    


Powder Brows

Powder Brows

Powdered brows are created by utilizing a permanent makeup machine (not a tattoo gun) in order to create a soft, filled-in make-up look instead of individual hair strokes.

The microshading technique is used on the skin to achieve powder brows.

Microshading is recommended for an individual with an oily skin type, mature skin, and for those wanting a soft makeup look.

The soft makeup look means that the tails of the brows are darker and transition to lighter at the start of the brows, giving them a subtle natural looking eyebrow shape. 

Ombre Brows

Ombre Brows

Ombre and Powder Brows utilize the same microshading technique. A permanent makeup machine is used to create a soft powdered, full makeup look. 

The difference between Ombre and Powder Brows is the shading. 

The Powder Brow gives a full makeup look throughout the entire brow, where Ombre Brows are darker at the tail end of the brows and slowly transiton to light towards the start of the brows closest to the nose. 

Combo Brows

Combo Brows

For clients wanting both the look of Microblading hair strokes and shading, combination brows can achieve the look you have been dreaming of.

For combination brows, strokes are added to create the look of natural hairs, soft shading is added through the rest of the brow. Strokes are usually drawn around the edges where they will be the most visible and then powered shading is added to the body of the brow to give it a full look that retains a beautiful shape every day.

***For clients with oily skin, Microblading strokes may fade faster, need more touch ups or expand a little. If you have oily skin, we recommend Powdered Brows or a Combination Brow.***

What is the Microblading process?

  1. Microblading Consultation
  2. Pre-numb client with numbing cream (10-15 minutes)
  3. Map Brows (determine shape, arch, thickness)
  4. Client approves of the shape and fullness
  5. Start microblading and numbing with numbing cream (several passes to get desired look)
  6. Pigment Mask (5 minutes) (final layer of pigment soaks into strokes)
  7. Selfies and Smiles

Why do I need a 6-week Touch up?

Everyone’s skin is different, so the touch-up microblading session is the “PERFECTION / FINE TUNING” appointment. 

Any pigment that the skin rejected will be touched up at this time.  In addition, if a darker result is desired, or if a thicker brow shape is desired this can be achieved in the microblading touch up appointment. 

The touch up microblading session is also substantially less expensive and less time consuming than the initial microblading appointment. 

For the best microblading results, at least one to two touch ups are necessary.

Microblading Before and After

Microblading Before and After

There is nothing that can change the appearance of facial features like perfectly shaped and thickened eyebrows. Microblading can fill a void that has been missing on your face due to an illness, genetics or over waxing (90’s Brows – were just as unique as 80’s Hair).

Is Microblading Permanent?

Is Microblading Permanent

Microblading is considered a semi-permanent procedure not a semi-permanent tattoo. Eyebrow tattoos are NOT the same as microblading / microshading but there is one thing these procedures all have in common, they all do not use ink.  All of these processes are done with organic pigment and inorganic pigments. The difference is in the penetration depth of the skin. This is what makes the procedure permanent or semi-permanent. 

Microblading penetrates the skin to a depth of only 0.08mm to 0.15mm. At this depth, the pigment is deposited into the border between the epidermis and dermis. Since the depth is not as deep as an actual permanent tattoo, touch-ups are needed usually every year to year and half. Unlike Brow henna which is strictly topical and only lasts up to 2 weeks.

The plus side to being semi-permanent, is that trends change and our preferences do as well. So, this year you may want just microblading, but once it has faded after 1-2 years, you may want a combo or powder brow. 

Does Microblading Hurt?

Does Microblading Hurt

Most people report only feeling minor pressure or discomfort and less pain than a typical tattoo due to the use of numbing agents on the brow area. Of course, this will depend on your own personal tolerance to pain.

Some level of pain or discomfort should be expected. Most people fear the scratching sound that is made when hair like strokes are being implemented in the skin.  This scratching sounds allows the microblading artist to know they are in the right skin depth. Some people who have gotten a microblading service have describe the sensation similar to a getting a paper cut.

If you can tolerate being waxed or threaded, you can tolerate being Microbladed.

How long Does Microblading Last?

Microblading usually lasts 1-2 years depending on your skin type. This time frame can be shortened or extended depending on your skin regimen and lifestyle. 

What factors will make Microblading last longer?

What Factors Will Make Microblading Last Longer

  1. Use Sunscreen daily especially on the eyebrows
  2. Stay away from Retinols and Exfoliators
  3. Follow AFTERCARE procedures
  4. Limit sweating 

What factors will make Microblading fade?

What Factors Will Make Microblading Fade

  1. Sun exposure to the eyebrows
  2. Smoking
  3. Exercising
  4. Exfoliators
  5. Retinols

Microblading Healing Process

Days 1 to 3: Eyebrows look fuller, but will be tender

On the first day of the healing process, eyebrows will look very bold and full. The color may look extremely dark, but keep in mind that it will eventually fade. During the healing process try to avoid sun exposure.

Your eyebrow skin will likely experience:

  • redness
  • tenderness
  • mild swelling
  • mild bleeding
  • the sensation of feeling cut or bruised

By days 2 and 3, these side effects should slowly subside.

Days 3 to 5: Eyebrows look very dark, then the the skin starts to flake off

As the pain and tenderness go away, the brows will darken and thicken. They will still look very bold.

By day 5, the skin on the brows will begin to scab. The brows will be flaky and extremely itchy. This is normal and means the skin is healing.

Days 5 to 8: Flaking continues and the color fades.

At this point of the healing process you can expect more scabbing, flaking, and peeling.

Resist the temptation to pick the scabs, which can reopen the wounds and disrupt the healing process. Picking may also remove some pigment, resulting in patchy brows. Let the scabs flake off naturally instead.

As your brows continue to flake, the dark color will soften. But rest assured that the color will come back.

Days 8 to 12: Flaking ends and color returns

After the first week, the flaking will gradually stop. The color will also return.

Days 12 to 21: Color and texture look more natural

The color of your eyebrows should look more even and natural. The individual brow hairs will also look more defined, creating the appearance of feathery eyebrows.

Days 21 to 30: Skin is healed

After 1 month, the skin around your eyebrows will be completely healed. You should not feel any pain or discomfort. Your eyebrows should also look soft and full.

In another month or two, you will likely have a follow-up appointment with your provider. This allows them to check on how your skin has healed. 

Microblading Aftercare


Exercise increases the heart rate, expands pores, and produces sweat. Unfortunately, all of these effects promote a loss of color retention. So for the best results avoid strenuous exercise for 7-14 days following your microblading procedure. 


Try your best to keep your hands OFF! Touching any part of the microbladed area could introduce bacteria into the open wound which could cause an infection. Only touch when necessary and hands have been thoroughly washed/sanitized.

NEVER USE ANY EXFOLIATING products during the healing process. No Granules, 

Glycolic, Hydroxy, or Fruit Acid lotions or soaps on the treated area. All of these products WILL fade your permanent makeup. THE LESS YOU DO TO IT, THE BETTER THE OUTCOME and the longer the microblading will last.


Do not get the brows wet in the shower or bath during the first 7-10 days.

Also, please understand that chlorinated water or salt water will discolor and/or totally remove your pigment! 

AFTER CARE – What to expect

Immediately after your procedure, a light solution will be applied to help seal the pigment. For the next 7-14 days, you should be committed to CARING for the treated area. This means “protecting” against over exposure to sun, water, sweat, chemicals, heat & touch. 

Day 1


Every 2-3 hours, take a fresh sterile cotton pad with a bit of water and dab your brows.  This is important because your body is releasing lymph and fluids to heal your new brows. The accumulation of these fluids is undesirable because it will clump and scab.

Days 2- 7

Every morning and night, take a sterile cotton pad with a bit of water along with baby shampoo and dab your brows. Then take a new clean cotton pad with a bit of water and dab them clean.  

Your brows will appear darker for a few days after and you may notice some flaking and scabbing as the dead skin cells begin to wear off. This is completely normal and to be expected. Many clients lose 40-70% of the initial implanted color. The once crisp strokes will soften. People with extremely oily skin may show more blurring of detail than individuals with dryer skin.

Days 7-10

Most of the dark color will have faded by now and any flaking and/or scabbing should be complete. Understand that the implanted color can slightly change or fade over time due to lifestyle, medications, hormones, etc. This is why the 6-week touch-up is so important to perfect and maintain your microbladed brows. 

*Contact a physician if any signs or symptoms develop such as the following: elevated body temperature (fever), redness at the site, swelling, tenderness of the procedure site, red streaks going from the procedure site towards the ear, and/or any green/yellow discharge that is foul in odor. 

Microblading Cost

Microblading (hair strokes)$500 ($400 initial visit, $100 touch-up)

Combination Brows (hair stroke and microshading combination technique is used)$550 ($450 initial visit, $100 touch-up)

Powder Brows (microshading)$550 ($450 initial visit, $100 touch-up)

Touch ups

$100 (up to 6 months)

$175 (6 months to 1 year)

$250 (12-18 months)

***After 18 months initial session prices apply***

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Pilorum Salon and Spa is the premier permanent make-up clinic & eyebrow bar that offers microblading services including ombre, powder brows, brow lamination, waxing and threading.