Dimensional Hair Color

Dimensional Hair Color

dimensional hair color

high contrast dimensional hair color pilorum salon niles


What is Dimensional Hair Color?

Pilorum Salon, a Niles Hair Salon offers dimensional hair color as an added pop to your already beautiful base color. The pictures demonstrate two examples of dimensional color but the possibilities are endless. Dimensional hair Color is any color that isn’t a solid color. These tones should accent or abate specific features of your face and skin tone. Whether you want to enhance, add contrast to, brighten your hair,  or are just feeling a little funky dimensional color may be a great option for you.

Types of Dimensional Color Hair

Dimensional color hair is a contrast of light and dark tones that can range from subtle to vivid.

  • Creative Double Double Process Dimension Hair Color – Add a vivid color like blue, purple, pink or green to add some spunk to your look.  This process usually entails lightening the hair in the first step and depositing your vivid color in your second step.
  • Natural Dimension – Add a natural color that compliments and enhances your existing base color.


A consultation with a Pilorum stylist is always welcome and free of charge. Let us lead you down the right path to your dream look. Price and maintenance will be discussed during your consultation. A double process dimensional hair color may require more than one visit depending on the color of choice (ie: lavender, silver, pastels). A more involved process will usually raise the price of the service.

The components of perfectly dimensional hair color are:

1. Consultation – Expert analysis of your hair to see if there is a need for any color correction.

2. The Perfect Base – If you desire, or require a new base color a base color is applied  as an all over color. This is an additional charge of $65 and up.

3. Dimension – Foils are added to separate the appropriate sections of hair and the dimensional color is applied.

4. Aftercare – Products to keep your hair looking beautiful.


Don’t forget the aftercare

Pilorum salon carries the Goldwell, Oligo and Joico professional lines:

Kerasilk Color Line- color-safe shampoos that gently cleanse while preventing against premature color fading along with conditioners that moisturize, condition and enhances color brilliance.

We would also recommend investing in a conditioning hair mask that adds moisture and deeply conditions for healthy-looking hair with long-lasting color depth and brilliance.

To find out more about Pilorum’s Dimensional Color Treatments schedule your appointment, or contact Pilorum Salon in Niles today.